Who I Admire

whoiadmireLast Christmas, I felt my writing had improved from the previous year and decided to make an additional JoJo post to celebrate. This year, I’m doing the opposite and looking back to fifteen years ago. The plan was to put out another one of my usual posts sometime this month, but that obviously didn’t pan out. All I’m doing here is just retyping what I’ve found on this old, wrinkly paper, but maybe that’s enough to get me motivated again. And so, without further ado, the source of my childhood admirations. Continue reading


Kakegurui and A Toast to Indulgence

Sayo Yamamoto has frequently toyed with typography in her OP/ED work and not just with the type itself, but also how the credits transition in and out. Michiko and Hatchin squashes graffiti-style fonts until they vanish and Arakawa Under the Bridge rushes uniform, round-ended strokes into the frame. While it’s common to see credits fade, there’s a specific manner in which Yuri!!! on Ice’s blurred history comes into focus or Fujiko Mine’s english lettering is etched away. In addition, the latter slides each section of the logo through a revolving door of sorts until wordplay becomes gunplay. Space Dandy maneuvers through characters of the alien alphabet like asteroids. Persona 5’s first and last characters swirl in opposite directions before colliding like lightning to spell out the entire name, only to dismantle itself again into a monochrome ransom note. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul maximizes all this to its logical extreme, where type is blown up to absurd proportions, consuming half the frame, if not more. Her latest effort returns to the simplicity of Rozen Maiden: Traumend’s sparkling transitions and also reminds me of the jittery cast shadows in Psycho Pass. Foregoing unhinged experimentation for refinement, focusing on the indulgence of the characters, rather than the creator. Continue reading

Highs and Lows of The Eccentric Family 2

eccentricfamilyWith no clear destination in mind, disconnected telephone poles sprout about the cluttered pop-up book of Kyoto and its dizzying buzz of alcohol in the air. But behind the muted mischief, a towering tanuki descends into the shape of the mountains and from this dialogue of highs and lows, captures color in The Eccentric Family. Continue reading

The Strength of Bamboo in Rakugo Shinjuu

rakugoAt the end of the second season’s fourth episode, Yakumo regretfully stares at a folding fan or sensu, bearing Sukeroku’s name and closes it after a deep sigh. It cuts to black to begin the ED, revealing an extreme close-up on Sukeroku’s kimono slipping further and further into the distant skies as a continuation of where it left off in the OP. Sukeroku’s sun swiftly passes from one side to the other and for the first few seconds, it seems like Yakumo finally has his way. Then, things start looking up. Continue reading

Escape Into My Windy Tales

windytalesSetting the parameters. That’s really the hard part. First, you’ll need to switch from macro to landscape, so you can go the distance. Steady your hands and be careful not to cover the lens with your fingers. Keep your eye on the prize, take aim and capture it. Quick, one more time, just in case you miss. Hold onto this image and hold it tight until you get swept away to your home away from home, rich in red spider lilies. Never mind the fragrance of lost memories, abandonment and couples destined to never meet again. Death knocks, not in a morbid sense, but to acknowledge all good things come to an end like summer before fall. Change is in the air and I wince at the day my heart ceases to sway in the wind. Still, we’ll always have the photographs. Continue reading