Escape Into My Windy Tales

windytalesSetting the parameters. That’s really the hard part. First, you’ll need to switch from macro to landscape, so you can go the distance. Steady your hands and be careful not to cover the lens with your fingers. Keep your eye on the prize, take aim and capture it. Quick, one more time, just in case you miss. Hold onto this image and hold it tight until you get swept away to your home away from home, rich in red spider lilies. Never mind the fragrance of lost memories, abandonment and couples destined to never meet again. Death knocks, not in a morbid sense, but to acknowledge all good things come to an end like summer before fall. Change is in the air and I wince at the day my heart ceases to sway in the wind. Still, we’ll always have the photographs. Continue reading


Diamond Is Unbreakable and Fixing Fate

diuFate has always been a part of the JoJo franchise with destined encounters and history repeating itself through the generations, but Diamond Is Unbreakable establishes the first time it becomes anything more than window dressing. Palm readings and horoscopes now lay the building blocks, instead of the ceiling. Note: Spoilers should be a given by now, but I just want to let it be known, since it’s currently airing. Continue reading

Making a Happy Machine out of Cat Soup

happymachinePerhaps, Mind Game would be a more sensible comparison, since it was the first thing Masaaki Yuasa would direct after his involvement in Cat Soup with animation direction, scenario and storyboard. However, the commonality of Happy Machine and Cat Soup doesn’t stop at the abstract, dialogue-less nature and ranges from the shared focus on the circle of life and the clutches of death to the ironic display of heart in their mechanical devices. Revamping the recipe of Cat Soup’s food for thought to skyrocket a pursuit of happiness showcases the progress Yuasa would look forward to in his directorial career. Continue reading

Miss Hokusai’s Perception of Painting

misshokusaiProbably for the best that Miss Hokusai didn’t get subbed until I had a chance to watch Rakugo Shinjuu first. Even though the Edo period predates rakugo, this movie remains similarly steeped in storytelling and embraces the power of art to transport its audience elsewhere. Art attracts the watchful gaze for better or worse, awakening the brief flights into fantasy. This gains further meaning due to Onao being born blind and the only way she can perceive art is through her sister’s descriptive storytelling. As Ukiyo-e paintings decorate reality, it’s key that Oei paints the picture of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa for Onao’s headspace, instead of her negligent father.  Continue reading

Ping Pong and the Liberation of Failure


I really have nothing to say, but I want to say it just the same.

An essential quote from Federico’s Fellini’s 8 1/2 and also a testament to me, as a person, both on and offline. Quiet as kept, I’m not a man of many words and find myself more delighted by funny faces than actually having anything meaningful to say about all these Chinese cartoons I watch (not to mention, screencapping entertaining moments with the Pun of the Day and pointing out interesting aspects of scene composition is quite frankly much easier than taking the time to carefully compose words in a more organized and coherent fashion), but I guess even I can be motivated to write a little something… as was the case when I saw a certain exchange of tweets. Continue reading