Sweet Harmony in the Anthem of the Heart

anthemoftheheartDid you know Rick Astley did ads for Mitsuya Cider? Snapshot transition. Continue reading


Miss Hokusai’s Perception of Painting

misshokusaiProbably for the best that Miss Hokusai didn’t get subbed until I had a chance to watch Rakugo Shinjuu first. Even though the Edo period predates rakugo, this movie remains similarly steeped in storytelling and embraces the power of art to transport its audience elsewhere. Art attracts the watchful gaze for better or worse, awakening the brief flights into fantasy. This gains further meaning due to Onao being born blind and the only way she can perceive art is through her sister’s descriptive storytelling. As Ukiyo-e paintings decorate reality, it’s key that Oei paints the picture of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa for Onao’s headspace, instead of her negligent father.  Continue reading