Who I Admire

whoiadmireLast Christmas, I felt my writing had improved from the previous year and decided to make an additional JoJo post to celebrate. This year, I’m doing the opposite and looking back to fifteen years ago. The plan was to put out another one of my usual posts sometime this month, but that obviously didn’t pan out. All I’m doing here is just retyping what I’ve found on this old, wrinkly paper, but maybe that’s enough to get me motivated again. And so, without further ado, the source of my childhood admirations.

There are not really that many people I admire. I don’t just admire one person, but I admire two. These two people happen to be in my family and they are very close to me. One of the people I admire helps me out with my homework if I have a question. If I’m down, he tries to cheer me up. When I played baseball, he helped me practice. He also helped me to play golf well. He did a pretty good job at that. In boy scouts, he helps me get to the next rank and I’m at the rank of first class right now. He also helps me pack for camping trips. He also reminds me every single day I go to school if I have everything in my backpack all set. He is a nice person. He is my father.

The other person I admire is a female. She makes my breakfast sometimes. Usually, the meal she makes in the morning is pretty good. Plus, she sometimes gives me lunch money for school. When we go to the store, I can usually get some Fastbreak, Winterfresh Gum or Snickers. My mom also encourages me when I play the piano. Of course, I think I’m going to flunk the test and mess up on the March recital, but she keeps on encouraging me, so I can be able to do what I have to do. This person is also my CCD teacher, so if I have a question about my homework, she can probably help me out. If this person wasn’t ever alive, I would never be born. This person is generous. This person is my mother.

Both of these people are usually there for me. For instance, when I had a basketball game, they would be there. Another example is when I was in sixth grade last year, my grades were dropping and they went to the conference. They didn’t stand around doing nothing. Both of them also helped me on projects, since second grade!! Like the time when I had that planet project, she helped sprinkle the glitter on the poster. They both help me study for tests in school. For example, I had a test in Social Studies. My dad helped me study for it for almost three days. I got the test back to put in my pocket folder about five days later and I only got two questions wrong out of thirty-two. I think I got about a 93 on the test.

Yes, I know the two people I admire are not hollywood stars or people who saved the world from an atomic bomb. These two people are my loving parents. They cared for me since I was a baby. Now, I’m what… twelve and a half years old. That’s twelve and a half straight years of caring and loving and Rock-a-bye Baby on the treetop… all that stuff!!!!! All that, they had to do for me! They had to care for me for 12.5 years. If you ask me, I think that’s a pretty long time. I probably think someone else would probably choose someone from a comic book like Spider-Man or a famous baseball player like Babe Ruth. No, not me. I picked my only two parents, my mom and dad. They’ve cared for me since I was an infant, so when they get old and can barely move, I’ll be there for them.


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