Final Thoughts on the Little Kira That Could

littlekiraTime to breakdown, breakdown.

The most powerful technique: “Time”. Stopping it, returning to the past, watching the future… if there were people who can control such a thing, they’d be invincible. For a main character with powers that aren’t invincible, I want to have people wonder how such a character could win.

If Kira being formally introduced with a clock doesn’t get you thinking about time, then, merging the Super Fly, Enigma, Cheap Trick and My Dad Is Not My Dad chapters into chronology’s worst enemy might do the trick. These four episodes of disorganized time jumping are a reflection of Kira’s distaste for unpredictability, only remedied by events finally sequenced in an orderly fashion, exactly as they should be on today’s to-do list. Rinse and repeat the routine as the Chase OP rotates around Josuke &co. counter-clockwise, not unlike the clock hands at the start of the Walk Like An Egyptian ED and the continued Persistence of Memory reference holding time hostage during Bites the Dust. Additionally, it shows Kira’s last stand is that of a dream and the Great Days OP pushes forward with the justice Jonathan believed in.

Luckily, Kira is defeated by his own rule: once fate has happened, it can’t be changed. Whatever broke last morning will break again, no matter what. Revisiting Sheer Heart Attack, an injured Kira lies on the ground in need of medical assistance and Jotaro sends him flying with a barrage of punches, thanks to Koichi’s help. Breaking his watch buys him a temporary escape once more, but it spells his end as much as revealing his identity again. Automatic stands, hidden land mines and invisible, floating bombs are all designed to weaponize his low profile, which backfires when the ambulance driver runs him over, because he didn’t realize Kira was there. However, merely sharing the same fate as his victims isn’t the justice he deserves and a trip down Ghost Alley grants him a fate worse than death.

Can’t imagine a better farewell than no rest nor peace for someone who just wanted a quiet life. A horde of hands becomes unrecognizable to the murderer who so frequently fetishized them in isolation, but at long last, witnesses true fear at their strength in numbers. Outsmarted by a girl he barely remembers and furthermore, how a woman can walk away the most triumphantly in a male-dominated franchise is the best apology (so far) I could ask for after Lisa Lisa was denied a real fight. Even channeling Battle Tendency Joseph with her cunning rebuttal, yet the beauty is she doesn’t do it alone. Reimi’s choker bears the symbol of a handshake, the antithesis to Kira’s self-serving desires, anchoring Arnold’s aid in the greatest punishment of all. This is the overwhelming weight of collective effort, never before seen in any prior parts. While the fallen comrades helped pave the way, the final battle always boiled down to one-on-ones until now. Diamond Is Unbreakable, because it is this multifaceted, confident display of teamwork, where even Okuyasu gets a chance to shine by securing Stray Cat.

The epilogue is accompanied by Great Days -Unit Ver.-, a gathering of all the OP vocalists thus far, which was previously done on a smaller scale with Stardust Crusaders when ~end of THE WORLD~ brought TOMMY, Coda and Jin Hashimoto together. Combining the vocalists for the first three OPs marked the end of a saga and how Jotaro finished what Jonathan started by successfully severing Dio in half for good. By the time we get to the Units Ver. of Great Days, the amount of vocalists has tripled to nine. Now, the humble trio of JOSTARS has grown into a sizable fellowship, which nearly lines up with the number of key players in the final battle and the group name graduates to JOUNITED to fit the renewed concerns for community. And within it, forms a handshake with the next generation, beyond Caesar’s bandana re-fashioned for Jotaro’s belt and offering earnest hope in passing the torch.


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